Thanksgiving 2018

I did it, I made through my first holiday without my mama. It was rough, more than a few tears were shed as I definitely felt her absence, but I made it. It did not help that my sweet grandpa landed himself in the hospital, which caused me total emotional anguish, but that’s a story for another time.

Friday night we banned the kids from video games and plans with friends and the 6 of us hunkered down in the living room, with an abundance of snacks, to watch one of my childhood favourites, “Wild America”. Why didn’t anyone ever inform me of how cheesy this movie is!? I giggled through the entire movie as I listened to my kids (mostly Dylan) rip it apart for it’s unrealistic scenes. The girls were more like me, totally blinded by the 90’s heartthrobs haha

Saturday we had a lovely, lazy morning and then Briggs and I headed to my moms house for the afternoon to sell some furniture out of her house while everyone else headed to Brad’s parents to spend time with our niece and nephew, Joe and Jazz.

I got home just in time to get ready to head into the city to meet my stepmom for dinner and a medium/psychic show, leaving Brad at home with the kids who were in the midst of planning various sleepovers with their cousins. The show was mind blowing! I was pretty skeptical going into it, but a few hours later I was a total believer, no way that medium could’ve guessed the things she was knowing about people, myself included.

Sunday was finally Turkey day! I look forward to this day all year, I didn’t even care that I was exhausted from listening to the 3 noisy teenage boys I had “sleeping” at my house all night. My entire family spent the day starving themselves just to make room for the feast at Brad’s parents. And feast we did! All 21 of us, and of course, baby Tynan.


For some reason, Brad is this little guys favourite.


All the grandkids

It was shortly after dinner that my phone started ringing off the hook about my grandpa and I spent the rest of the night an emotional wreck.

Monday was a day of pure laziness on my part. We slept in, kids did a few chores and then they all left to dinners with their other parents. Monday is usually the day we do dinner with my family but that didn’t happen this year and I gladly spent the day in my pjs, eating pumpkin pie (because I bought 5 from Costco), and watching movies with Brad.

Thanksgiving was very different this year, what is normally my favourite holiday, served as more of a harsh reminder of everything I still have to be thankful for. I really am one lucky girl.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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