Reegan’s 11th Birthday

I cant even believe my baby is over a decade old already. Say what!! She had the brilliant idea to invite a couple friends to the local corn maze and call it a party. When I say local, I mean closest corn maze to our house. It’s actually an hour drive there and an hour drive back, not very local haha Brad ended up having to work on the night we had planned so I loaded up 7 preteen girls, and hit the road. That might’ve been the craziest drive of my life, but if you’re wondering who’s crushing on who in the fifth grade, I can now tell you haha

I was more than happy to meet my sister in law Rachel and my niece Ryan at the maze and have another adult to talk to. And of course baby Tynan!


The girls took off running the minute I parked and I had a hard time wrangling them for a quick group picture.


This is the best I got

BA803F54-290A-49C3-BC8D-8CD4F648A6E6The girls split off into the big maze while Rachel and I headed into the trivia maze. We surprised ourselves by getting through pretty easy and then headed back to the petting zoo to see what the girls were up to. We quickly found Robyn and Ryan and spent quite awhile looking at all the animals while the rest of the girls were still in the big maze. We instantly fell in love with the baby goats and loved cuddling them. Rachel and I decided we need to figure out how we can keep one at home haha


The rest of the group found us and we decided to head into the big maze as a group. On the way the girls stopped at the big slide for a bit and we had to eventually kick them off so we could move on to the maze.


B3C52188-5DD5-4138-9FE9-17C9F2FB4C59We started the maze totally backwards and ended up getting completely lost more than once, so of course, we had to enlist the help of the workers in the tower, but the views were amazing!



By the time we got out it was dark and we were starving! While the girls took a few more runs on the slide, I ordered pizza so it would be ready when we hit the city limits, and then we were on the road again.

We couldn’t wait until we got home to eat and ended up passing pizza boxes around in the SUV and chowing down on the last half of the drive. Once home, Reegan opened presents from her friends and we enjoyed cake and ice cream.


By 9 o’clock I had dropped off the last of the girls, but not without them all begging to stay longer. They could’ve partied all night long, I however, was exhausted. Five and a half hours of little girls was enough for me haha

On the drive home Reegan told me it was her best birthday to date and I was pretty proud of myself. Oh, the things we do for our children.


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