Surveyors Lake 2019

What is summer without camping? For Brad, it’s no summer at all. For me, it really depends on where we are camping haha but Surveyors Lake in British Columbia is IT! It’s a short 3.5 hour drive into the mountains and it’s about as pretty as you can get.



Brad’s parents, our boys and Rachel and her kids headed out Friday morning while the rest of us drove out after work. By 9pm, tents were pitched, campers were leveled and we happily sat around the campfire until 2am! Way past my bed time haha


Saturday morning we were up early and raring to get to the beach. Everyone but Bob and Viv that is, they were sawing logs, so they got left behind haha we were almost the first ones there so we were able to find a prime spot to spend the day. There was no shortage of kayaking, swimming, floating and of course, photo opportunities. We were like the damn paparazzi haha



30 seconds before Brandon fell on Bradley haha



We decided to go on a little adventure around the lake, following the gorgeous trail through the trees and keeping our eyes open for the turtles that are almost always out on the logs in the water.



Back at the beach the fun continued on, Bob and Viv had finally arrived and we had a beach bbq for lunch. Every one of us mildly obsessed over how cute little Tynan was doing pretty much everything haha


Seven hours later we decided it was time to go back to camp for another night around the fire. This time, we were all pretty exhausted and were in bed MUCH earlier.

Sunday morning Rachel and the kids that were up early, left for the beach and the rest of us straggled behind for another day of lake life.


Unfortunately, Brandon and Morgan had to leave early so Brandon could get to work the next morning, but the rest of us stayed another night. Of course we didn’t let them leave without a Richards’s family picture on the beach. I wasn’t kidding about the excessive picture taking haha


The days on the beach were exhausting for some of us and it was another early turn in for everyone but the teenage boys who made their way down to the marina and trolled for girls. Ahhh aren’t teenagers great? haha

Monday morning came way too fast and we were sad to see the end of the weekend. Time really does fly when you’re having fun, I easily could’ve stayed the whole week. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that we are able to make this family trip a yearly thing!


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