Hi everyone! My name is Camille, I’m a 32 year old mom, wife, and health care aide. I have 2 pretty fantastic kids and I was lucky enough to marry a man (Brad) who also has 2 fantastic kids and just like that, I had a whole brood. Our kids are all close in age so it works really well. My oldest, Briggs, is 14 and Brad’s oldest Dylan, is 12. My daughter, Reegan, turned 9 in October and Brad’s daughter, Robyn, will be 9 in June. There’s a few months difference but the girls are both in 3rd grade and will both be giving me grey hair when they hit their teen years haha Dylan and Robyn live in another  town just 10 minutes away and we get to have them twice a week after school until bedtime and then every other weekend and lots of extra time during summer and all other school breaks. Briggs and Reegan live full time with us and go to their dads every other weekend and extra time during school breaks as well. We really lucked out in our kids schedules lining up so for the most part they’re at our house all at the same time. It gives us family time and it allows  Brad and I time to spend together. People ask us all the time how we do it but it’s really just become the norm for us. These kids are all so wonderful and I love watching their little personalities grow and change, they keep me so entertained.

We live in small town in southern Alberta.  I’m talking one gas station, one small grocery store and zero traffic lights kind of small and we love it! I personally think its the best place to raise kids, probably because I was raised in an even smaller town 20 minutes away from where I live now. It allows us to do the activities we love right in our own backyard or relatively close to it. We are a fairly outdoorsy family, Brad and the kids are anyway, if I see a chance to catch some time at home alone, I’ll take it. During the spring, summer, and as far into the fall as possible, Brad and the kids do as much dirt biking and quading as possible. I participate once in awhile but I refuse to ride my own machine, due to a nasty accident the last time I tried to operate a dirt bike. I now happily ride on the back. Brad and I also try to get out as much as we can on the street bike in the nice weather months. Again, I happily ride on the back.

In the fall we get the kids back into the school groove. Of course, they hate it and I love it, finally I have my days off during the week to myself again! I work in health care so I have some week days off because my rotation causes me to work 2 weekends a month. The fall also brings football for Dylan and hunting season!! Brad has hunted since he was a kid but I just started 4 years ago when we started dating and Dylan is now old enough to start hunting this year, he cant wait! Legal hunting age here is 12 so the girls aren’t old enough yet and Briggs doesn’t really have an interest in it but they still come at least once a year for a little family hunt. Its a way to combine things we like with time with our kids and it makes for some hilarious stories. Like the first time the girls saw me shoot a doe and they cried and cried ha!IMG_0988

The winter months bring us into a bit of hibernation mode and this year we spent a lot of time watching basketball. Briggs made the grade 9 team and Dylan played on his grade 6 team. Reegan also does tap and jazz dance all winter long but her grandma gets all the credit for that activity as she is the one that gets her there every week and  volunteers at the year end show. This year I took up yoga to beat the winter blues and I fell madly in love, now it’s become my own private activity I use to relax my muscles and mind. I also love, love, LOVE to travel. I’ll go just about anywhere especially if its new and exciting. I love seeing different places and if i had the money, I’d do nothing but travel the world.

So that’s us in a nutshell. As you can see this is not a blog that is focused on one specific area but all kinds of activities and the way we handle having a blended family and the constant comings and goings of 4 kids. For me 2017 is a year for trying new things  (like a blog) and I can’t wait to get blogging and sharing our adventures with everyone! Happy reading!IMG_0991